The Difference Between an

Adult Family Home vs.

Nursing Home Gig Harbor 

If you’ve realized yourself or a loved one needs more at home care or even round the clock care for a severe health condition, you will likely think of nursing homes or assisted living services as being the main options available to you. However, there are alternatives, such as an adult family home. These senior living houses are designed to be more comfortable, and with more freedom for residents than that of a large nursing facility. They are typically converted houses that have been upgraded to be excellent care facilities for seniors, with extra accessibility features and medical equipment that ensures that residents are safe and cared for, while living in a comfortable and familiar home setting.

Typically with up to 6 or 8 residents, each home has professionally trained care takers available at all hours of the day and night, along with all the medical equipment needed to help residents just as a nursing home would. The difference is that it is based out of a large house, that can feel more familiar and safe for the residents. Our adult family homes have the extra benefit of being located in a very special town, that of Gig Harbor. Each of our three homes are very lovely places to be for our residents.

Not only are each one of our houses located in the beautiful area of Gig Harbor Washington, we also offer services that ensure every one of our residents is taken care of no matter their health conditions. We know that life doesn’t stop just because extra assisted care may be needed, and that every resident has a desire to live as independent as they can with their own health needs. With the compassion of a community that feels like a family, and the care of regular staff members who are available at all times for whatever residents require, our Gig Harbor Adult Homes may be the right fit for you or your family. You can trust that your loved one will be cared for with empathy and professionalism at our Gig Harbor adult family home.

Nursing Homes Gig Harbor

A nursing home, or sometimes called a skilled nursing facility, is typically suited for those that need continual care, and 24 hour supervision. They are larger buildings, and have many residents and staff. These nursing homes are often large enough to host hundreds of residents at a time, which is efficient and allows their staff to serve many residents during their work. However, one of the drawbacks that can sometimes occur for nursing homes include discomfort for the residents since the buildings usually feel more like a hospital, rather than a home.

Even with excellent nursing staff that work at many of these homes, the clinical and industrial feel of these massive buildings’ layout and construction can still make one feel like they are isolated from the world. There can also be issues with flexibility if nursing staff are constantly working with dozens of residents every day, and needing to prioritize efficiency over personal care. This is not to say that nursing homes or their staff members are at fault for these things, rather that the nature of this style of senior care can have some drawbacks. We are proud to offer our adult family homes as an alternative to nursing homes, but ultimately are grateful for all professional and high quality senior care facilities and services that care for our elders the same way we do.

Adult family homes are a house that has been converted to having assistance provided to the residents, and have medical staff as well just like a nursing facility. However because there are only a few residents in each home, the nursing staff can get to know their residents closely and personalize their care plans to exactly the best options for them, to prioritize independence as far as the resident is capable of and wishes for. While one of the most noticeable differences is size and number of people, these senior living houses are potentially the better choice for someone prior to needing a nursing home because of this ability to get highly personalized care. With this in mind, if you’re just now looking into at home health care, this might be the perfect solution to fit your needs.

Gig Harbor Nursing Homes

While some may find a nursing home to be a good option for them and their supporting family, we encourage anyone looking into home care options to arrange a visit to one, or each, or our Gig Harbor adult family care houses as well during their search. You may also find it appealing to take a few minutes to drive around the wooded roads of Gig Harbor itself, or take a breathe of the beach air, or view at the waterfront. Gig Harbor is a very pleasant town with lots of local restaurants, breweries, shopping options and beautiful nature offerings with ocean views. It’s hard to find a more beautiful town in Pierce County, and that’s saying a lot!

The city of Gig Harbor is just a 15 minute drive outside of the city of Tacoma in Washington, and a 40 minute drive from Seattle, and is part of Pierce County. If you’re wondering whether a nursing home or adult-family-home may be the best choice, feel free to call or arrange a visit, and we can help make reviews of your needs to get you on the right path to a smooth transition into a new senior living home. Even if we don’t have available beds or you feel that a different option will be better for your loved one, we would be happy to recommend other options in the area and point you in the right direction for what you’re looking for.

For more information about either of our locations or the services we offer, please call us at 253-525-2288 and we will answer any questions or concerns.