Long Term Care Gig Harbor 

If you or a loved one is having difficulty with daily chores or self-care due to aging, and once a week visits from assisted living services don’t seem sufficient for their needs, long term care, adult family homes provided by Harbor Heritage may be an excellent solution for Gig Harbor residents. We have three locations that are all beautiful adult family homes that house six to eight residents at a time, which provides the perfect balance of community and privacy. Whether your senior parent, grandparent or friend needs care each day because of physical ailments like arthritis, or mental conditions like dementia, our homes are equipped for all kinds of long term care and can provide personal and compassionate services that meet you or a loved one’s physical, mental and emotional needs. We will adapt to your unique situation, and provide as much independence as possible while providing peace of mind, safety and comfort. This is the advantage we have over nursing homes, which are often caring for hundreds of residents at a time and may only be able to provide the minimum care needed in a small, isolated room with little comforts of home. Our adult family homes are spacious, comfy and are in beautiful locations that provide a sense of home and familiarity to our residents.

long term care gig harbor

Long Term Care Homes Gig Harbor

Our homes have staff available 24/7, 365 days a year to take care of all basic care needs for our residents. This includes helping with taking medication, assisting with going to the bathroom or catheter care, trimming nails, bathing or showering, eating, and providing fun activities during the day for residents to join in if they choose. We also have medical equipment on site both for daily needs and so we can assist in case of injury or medical emergencies quickly, although of course we will take residents to the hospital or call for an ambulance right away if needed in more severe instances. We have extremely professional and well trained staff that can provide excellent, personal care and they are some of the best in the area. You can trust them to take care of your loved one with empathy and an eye for detail.

Long Term Care Services Gig Harbor

Our business was founded because we saw a lack of alternative options to nursing homes in the Gig Harbor area, and we knew our locations would be an excellent place to live for seniors of our community. We are honored to take care of them with grace and compassion, in a beautiful setting and town that is hard to beat. We know you want the absolute best for your loved one, and Harbor Heritage adult family home and long term care services are the best choice you can make. Please give us a call today to see how our availability is, and schedule a tour or learn more.